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SAHM wants to stop breast-feeding

My daughter is 2 years old. I am a SAHM and she has constant access to me/breast and breastfeeds on demand throughout the day and night. I am ready to be done breast feeding. When I have tried to deny her access, she falls out, shrieks and screams like crazy and self-harms (head banging, slapping her face) until I give in. I need some suggestions on how to wean her. She will NOT drink breast milk in a bottle or sippy cup. She does NOT drink cow milk or juice by her choice-we have offered it numerous times. She has never accepted or used pacifiers. She does not rely on me for nutrients, as she can eat regular food, self-feeds and self-drinks water from sippy cup. Help!

  • B
    Feb 10

    I’d start with daytime feeds. Distract her when she wants to feed. Oh, here’s a great snack. Let’s go outside. Dance party. She’ll start to forget slowly and the quantity will reduce. You also might have to put her in a safe place and let her tantrum if you want to do this faster.

  • Lisa
    Feb 10

    Could your husband take a long weekend say a Friday and Monday off work, and you go out of town with friends or just a hotel and do things with friends for the weekend? Then she will be used to the sippy cup for milk by the time you return and no more problems.

  • Kellie
    Feb 11

    I started slowly weaning at 2. A month later, pregnancy hormones made latching hurt so bad that it was worth the struggle to finally cut him off. It took about 5 days of tantrums for him to finally get the idea that screaming bloody murder wasn’t going to work. We stopped during the day first for about a month before cutting him off at night. So during the day I would say, “boobies are for bedtime.” Then we moved to not allowing night feeds (only one before bed). Then after about a week of only letting him nurse right before bed, we did our night routine and instead of nursing I offered him milk and he actually just took it. It’s hard but for us it was time and I actually felt like he was a ready. Just needed a little push. Good luck. Oh, and mine would boycott sippy cups if he didn’t nurse at first. Then he eventually got thirsty...