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Hi! Second child, trying things differently (more relaxed approach lol) and just recently I’m getting the itch to get my LO on a schedule (or I should say, a routine) She’s 2 months old.. so I know I might be jumping the gun here, and if you think so, say 😊 I pretty much feed her when she’s hungry, mostly BF except when she doesn’t get full from me, I give her pumped milk in bottle. She takes cat naps all day, whether it’s in kitchen when I’m cooking or swing in family room. (I have a very loud and active 5 yo around too) So. .. should I start putting her Down for naps in crib? (She doesn’t sleep there at night yet-and I don’t plan on it for another month or so) I’ve read to put her in a quiet dark place to nap... ? She does sleep for one 5 hour stretch at night but then it’s 2-3 hours until next. My oldest was a HORRIBLE sleeper up until about a year ago and I’m so afraid of it happening again lol Any advice is appreciated.

  • Kelly
    Apr 25

    I recommend the book BabyWise. It suggests feeding your baby right when they wake up from a nap. A sleep, eat, awake time routine. I’ve done this with both of my girls and they’re good through the night sleepers and nappers (until we hit this 2.5 year old nap defiance stage... lol) If you feed with this kind of schedule, you’ll rarely have a wailing, hungry baby AND she won’t rely on milk to get her to sleep! She can probably continue to cat nap here and there for another month or two wherever you are hanging out in the house. I started napping in the crib just before I wanted to transition them to sleeping in there at night so they were used to it. Hope this helps!