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School pickup for preschoolers


Hi fellow moms, my daughter will be attending preschool this fall but pick-up is certainly going to be a challenge with school letting out at 3 pm. Do you have any suggestions as to what you would do for after school pickup? We have a nanny but she doesn't drive currently. Any input is much appreciated :)

  • Erin
    Apr 04

    Is there a latchkey/ after school care program?

  • Laura
    Apr 04

    Other options are arrange a carpool with another family, get your nanny set with with a bike with kid seat if the route is safe, or pick a different school that is walkable (proximity and transportation logistics were our main consideration in picking a daycare)

  • Anne
    Apr 04

    Would something like Zum work for you? There are a few other services like this too. I'm not sure how much it costs but the main idea is they employ drivers who are also child care professionals, so they can pick up kids and watch them for a few hours after work. I'd also check if the school has aftercare or partners with an aftercare program of any kind. If they don't, maybe your nanny could take public transit or a cab to pick up the child?

  • Michael
    May 03

    The day care my kids go to pick my kids up in the morning and drop them off in the evening the center is open 6 am to 7pm and is in walking distance. And the service is included with the fees

  • Joy
    May 03

    Thanks everyone for the response! We're hoping to get a carpool with another family if possible once school starts. However, we are finding a solution in the meantime in case that doesn't happen. ZUM only picks up kids 5 YO and up. Our nearby preschool won't pick up kids younger than 5 either 🤷. We like the preschool she's starting in because of the Mandarin immersion program. Definitely a headache at this time though.