Screaming and crying*full blown tantrum at times*when something doesn’t go his way.

How do you deal with your toddlers tantrums? My mom told me she “didn’t let you kids act like that” talking about my siblings and I. My son has BIG feelings and they get hurt easily. He is a physically tough kid but he knows how to use the water works! It even seems like me being around makes it worse. Like my toddler is using me lol he is very smart so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s figuring it out but how do I stop it? Lol

  • Anonymous
    Dec 06, 2018

    Not at that stage of life yet (thank u lord) but my mom would always always ignore us. Step over us if we were on the floor, walk away. And of course when we gave it a rest she’d come over and we’d talk about our feelings and what we wanted. That’s my plan! Ignore unwanted behavior while finding the balance to validate feelings.

  • Deb
    Dec 06, 2018

    Ignore it. Time out depend on the age around age 2 mine would go in the time out and I ignore his hussy until he says hes all better. Before that age, or when he is thrashing I have a pen he went in with a crib mattress on the bottom and was ignored until he was feeling better.

  • E
    Dec 06, 2018

    Daniel tiger has episodes on using your words. Watched it this morning with my 2 year old and it worked immediately. She even spontaneously role played it a few times with me. Never thought the tv could parent my child but hey it worked. She loves the little songs the show has.