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Screen Time when sick!?


Have a sick 3 yr old at home - and generally illness means never ending Peppa Pig and Thomas Marathons in my house. Lol My questions is, do you guys set limits on screen time when your littles are sick?? I feel like being sick is a valid excuse for screen time. I guess the problem in our house is because my daughters sick - my son who is perfectly healthy ends up in front of the tv most of the day too. Which, just makes me feel like a terrible a parent. But I can’t really keep him away from it ...

  • Lulu
    Mar 19, 2019

    I don't think there is any problem with letting them watch endless TV on sick days. However, maybe you can break up the monotony by taking a stroll or something. Fresh air is really good for sick.

  • Olivia
    Mar 20, 2019

    This is a tough one. I watched endless TV as a kid when I was sick. Our daughter (also 3) is allowed to watch limited TV dependent on her behavior that day. I've definitely sat with her and watched a few movies in a row...and watched her behavior change for the worse. Too much TV leads to a kid who won't listen, can't sit still or focus, and demands more TV as soon as it's off - true story in our house, might be different for others. We gave in on sick days and noticed that being sick quickly became the go-to reason for watching more TV. Whenever our daughter felt like watching cartoons she would complain of feeling sick and use her best "sick voice" to tell us she needed to watch movies on the couch. So now we stick with limited screen time, lots of books, puzzles, snuggles, and quiet play. Every kid is different. Trust your intuition. If you see changes in behavior after screen time, reassess your limits. It's all trial and error unfortunately. You'll find the right situation for your family.

  • Elizabeth
    Mar 20, 2019

    Some limits are good like “Ok you can watch 2 Peppa Pigs but then we are going to play Candy Land.”