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Self harm?

Mamas- I have a 1 y/o boy who has been knocking himself on the head randomly and more frequently then before. We noticed he’d do it when he was done eating or when he was tired or bored, but now it just seems like he’s doing it all the time. He’ll ball up his fist and hit his head (it seems hard too) he’ll whimper for a second, look around and then continue randomly looking at us or just to do it. I’ve tried to teach him the meaning of “gentle” but it’s not working 🙄 Please tell me other boys do this? Have any of your children displayed the same type of behavior??

  • Suzy
    May 06

    My girl does this. I feel as tho it’s a phase. I’d have to say I notice her doing it more when she wants my attention.

  • Jazzo
    May 06

    I have 3 children and all of them has done the same thing I agree it’s a phase until told otherwise.

  • Anonymous
    May 07

    My 18 month old does it too! I think it’s for attention. I just ignore it

  • Khushboo
    May 07

    My 17 mo boy also does a version of this -- will bang his head on the floor. He doesn't talk yet so maybe it is out of frustration. I try my best to ignore but sometimes he does hurt himself :( . Hopefully just a phase and will pass soon..

  • Leslie
    May 07

    Thank you! Good to know I’m not alone in this phase of childhood 😆😌

  • Nana
    May 07

    Yep my son banged his head on his crib. He is good. Ignore it and seek help if he is bruising himself.

  • Katherine
    May 08

    My 20 month old with purposely hit her head on objects mainly the wall. She thinks she is being silly. I think it is just a phase and will pass.