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Sensitive face

Any advice on how to deal with red splotches on babes face?

  • Whitney
    Jan 12

    Dealing with same thing!

  • PK
    Jan 12

    Do they look dry? Aquaphor every night helped my son’s face - he only had them on his cheeks. All gone within a few days. I just rub some on his face every night before bed now to keep it away.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 12

    Yep aquaphor before bed or hydrophore.... same same. In the winter we have a humidifier in his room bc the air is so dry his skin dries out too

  • Cynthia
    Jan 12

    Lanolin for sure especially for sensitive skin. It’s that stuff you use for cracked nipples from Breastfeeding. It’s close to natural human oils so that’s why it works so well. Cleared my lil boy right up of acne, dry spots, any splotches he had. He also has sensitive skin.

  • Lettie
    Jan 13

    Aveeno baby sensitive skin lotion

  • Mama
    Jan 13

    You guys rock! Thank you so much. I still have Lanolin. And I’ll remember the rest just in case that doesn’t work. I keep forgetting the dry winter winds/air are going to be tough on her.

  • A
    Jan 13

    Have you tried coconut oil? I use to use it for everything as a lotion and in my own hair. I’ve used it on my niece she gets chapped around her face sometimes and it seems to help