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Sensory play ideas for baby who eats it all


My 7 month old is an epic chewer - EVERYTHING goes into her mouth as she explores. I'm vigilant at home to keep choking hazards out of reach, but I want to start taking her out to the park and trying some sensory play activities but how do i let her semi-independently explore and learn without swallowing rocks and sand and trash? Any advice? And what were your favorite play activities in general for inside or on our porch?

  • Jenn
    Apr 07, 2019

    My LO is exactly the same. We go out all the time now that it is getting nicer. I let her explore but I'm close by in case she tries to eat a rock, etc. My hope is that she will learn not to put everything in her mouth, but she is also a bit older than yours. I'd say just keep within an arms length so you can say no and take it away. As far as play activities for the porch, maybe a water table or some baby safe paint, stuff you may not want in the house. A bubble machine, blocks, and even outdoor safe books (indestructibles are great!)

  • Anonymous
    Apr 07, 2019

    At 7 months there isn't really anything at a park she needs to "independently" do. I used to take my son on walks and we would stop at trees and bushes and flowers and I would let him touch them and talk about what they were, and how they felt. (i.e. that bark is rough, that pink flower pedal is smooth, that leaf is crinkly) same with sensory play if you want her to explore, make it edible. Get a short storage bin, or put her in her high chair and give her cooked spaghetti, or corn meal 'sand', water, or even beans. Just depends on how involved and messy you want to get!

  • Destinee
    Apr 07, 2019

    My daughter loves rainbow spaghetti! You cook a box of spaghetti noodles, drain, add a TINY bit of oil and stir. Then you divide it up and add the food coloring you like, lit it dry for an hour in parchment and let her go at it! I usually do two boxes of noodles and divide it into four colors and put it in one of those long plastic totes made for storing clothes and put a cheap plastic shower curtain under. The oil will make it so it will slide right off the curtain for easy clean up

  • Lauren
    Apr 08, 2019

    My lo loved the jello dig. I put toys in jello and let him have at it.

  • Natasha
    Apr 29, 2019

    Ditto the jello dig. Our son loved it