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Separation anxiety at night


Since turning one my daughter suddenly dislikes going to bed. She was going to sleep without any help. Now the moment I lay her down in her bed she screams bloody murder and immediately calms down if I hold her again. Our bed time is 7:30-8 depending on the day. We have a routine down of a story and lullaby right before bed. Once she cries herself to sleep she will stay asleep for a few hours only to wake back up again crying. The separation anxiety only seems to happen at night. The moment she is picked up by my husband or I the crying stops. I have tried patting and shushing her. Just kind of at a loss on the best tactic.

  • Vonda
    Apr 25

    Our son did this too. I kept him in his bed and calmed him there. Didn’t pick him up. Because that told him that if he cried enough, he’d get out of bed. I just calmly tell him it’s time for bed and I understand that he is nervous. But he has done this before (slept in his bed. Alone etc) and I trust him to sleep alone again. Then I leave the room for 3-5min. Come back in if he is still crying and reassure him again. And repeat until he is asleep. I under no circumstances take him out of his crib. Because that is what he wants. Over the course of a couple days it worked. Idk why he was like this. But he eventually was good with going to sleep all by himself again. We have the same routine of book and lullaby before bed. I know some people don’t like the Ferber book. But it also talks about what could be causing sleep problems. Nightmares, etc. It’s more than just a sleep training book.

  • Stacey
    Apr 25

    I agree with Vonda. We did the same for our son and it took a week or so but he sleeps really well now except of the occasional outbursts maybe 2-3 times a month.