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Separation anxiety help!

I recently got a gym membership with a kids club. I got the gym membership with the daycare so I wouldn’t have to worry about childcare when I work out but every time I take my twins to the daycare they cry and make themselves throw up and I can’t work out because I have to go home because they threw up is there a way that I can fix this or should I just leave them with a family member. I have dropped them off a total of three times and every time they throw up

  • A
    Jan 23

    How old are your twins? We started using the gym daycare when my twins were about 1. The first few times I was called to get them after 30min of crying but they did get used to it eventually. It took maybe 4-5x. Will they let you bring snack? Another think that helped was to have a little routine once we got there ... our little routine was to set them up with their favorite snack, kiss and bye. Keep trying - now that my kids love it there it’s kind of been a sanity saver! We go to the YMCA and it’s set up a little more like an actual daycare than most gyms - I like the fact that they can have snacks and they do activities with the kids and stuff.

  • Sandra
    Jan 23

    Yeah no I go to LA fitness and they don’t allow snacks which suck because I’m pretty sure if they had snack they would be just fine. .. I will keep trying to drop them off and set them up with there fav toys

  • Anonymous
    Jan 30

    We had an LA fitness membership before kids that we had to quit bc the daycare experience was absolutely awful. We tried the ymca bc most of our friends with kids go there and it’s a much more family friendly gym. I think bc they have so many kid programs their staff is just much better equipped to handle the meltdowns.