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Separation Anxiety or habit?


My daughter is 4 years old. From last 2 month or so (after her grand-parents left to India who took care of her whole day and after she was put in separate age group of kids) , I am noticing that she cries and resist to leave us for 5 to 10 minutes when I drop her to daycare, she cries if she doesn't see me around in shop (if I just move to the next aisle and she can't see me). I keep telling her just say 'where are you mom/dad' when don't see us around. We are there. We won't leave you alone, no need to cry. We haven't yet started her playdate, sleepover, etc stuff. What can we do improve the situation?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 14

    Leaving her behind or in the previous aisle at 4 years old is probably not helping! Ask the daycare what she does on a daily.. I noticed my son started to hate daycare thats because we found out the staff was being mean to him.