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Sesame Street live for a 2 year old??


My daughter is crazy about Elmo. I’m not sure why because we rarely let her watch tv but she has lots of elmo books and is super into him. I was thinking about taking her to a Sesame Street live show and there’s one in a few months when she will be just a couple months past turning 2 YO. Is this too young in your opinion?? It’s a “make your magic” show. Thank you for your thoughts and insight!!

  • Faith
    Jul 28, 2019

    We took my two year old a few months after she turned two and she loved it. Was entertained the whole time.

  • Erika
    Jul 29, 2019

    We took our son to see the show a couple of months ago and he watched from start to end, he was 18 months at the time.