Share a goal for the new year!

Share one thing you really want to make happen in 2019. It can be parenting related or not. Sometimes sharing things publicly holds you accountable and helps make it reality. Mine is in the comments.

  • Sara
    Dec 31, 2018

    Ok I have 2. First goal is to find a babysitter who isn't a family member who I feel comfortable with watching both my kids so my husband and I can start to go on dates again. Second goal is to make it to 1 year of breastfeeding. This is something I didn't even think was possible or something I'd want to do but I've made it over 7 months so I figure why not!

  • Jenn
    Dec 31, 2018

    1. Focus less on fake people or people that don't want to get to know me better and focus more on real friends and family 2. The obligatory eat better and workout

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Dec 31, 2018

    Sara, I also am working hard on developing a trust in people that aren’t family members to occasionally watch my children so that my husband and I can have more uninterrupted time together.

  • antigrav_kids
    Dec 31, 2018

    I'd like for the kids and I to all be conversational in Mandarin by the end of the year, and for the kids to be planning out their own schedules and transit routes by the end of the year. I think both are easy if we work on it every day, it's the every day thing that's rough though :)

  • Melody
    Dec 31, 2018

    I'd like to actually sleep a full 6-8 hours

  • Victoria
    Dec 31, 2018

    I want to work out at least 3 times a week. My son is 20 months old and I have gained like 20 or 25lbs since he was born

  • Sunshynerider
    Jan 01, 2019

    To get out of my present place of residence

  • Ivana
    Jan 01, 2019

    Find better work-life balance to benefit my daughter, self, and family :)

  • T
    Jan 01, 2019

    Spend less on material more on memories.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01, 2019

    I want to save money this year to buy a house, I want my husband and I to work on our relationship and do more stuff as a family. I’d like to eat healthier and recycle more. To start working out even when it’s cold outside. Maybe start going back to school. Haha I have to much on my list good thing I have plenty of days left in 2019!!!

  • Christa
    Jan 01, 2019

    Look for a new home- where we aren’t living with in laws, and read to my son every day. Drink more water, and get more sleep!!!!

  • Pila
    Jan 01, 2019

    I hope to find a new job very soon,I’ve been a stay at home mom for 5 years now n I think I’m finally ready to go back into the wrk field

  • Aida
    Jan 01, 2019

    To de-clutter every room in our house. I’m going to define a room for each month and repeat through out the year. My main reason is that baby #2 is on the way and we need to make room, wish me luck!

  • Jennifer
    Jan 01, 2019

    Be more patient

  • Lauren
    Jan 02, 2019

    I set a goal in 2018 to read 50 books. Was hoping to spend more time away from the tv. Had a lot of fun working on that goal!

  • Anne
    Jan 03, 2019

    I have two: get off Facebook and get our budgeting/saving situation under control.

  • Lala
    Jan 15, 2019

    I want to work on co-parenting #MomOf7 #ItsNotThatHardLadies