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She only takes the pacifier to soothe :(

My baby is only six days old but i figured to try and see how she'd take to the pacifier, as a test. It went too well - now it's hard to take it away. Anything else sets her into a hissy fit. Any suggestions or folks with similar situations? I understand this is far too young to start this habit :(

  • Samantha
    Jun 30

    Honestly, I always said I’d never use a pacifier. However, when we were driving 45 minutes at a time, at least 2 times a day, and my LO screamed and cried the entire time, I had to figure something else out to soothe him. So, we introduced the pacifier after about a month and it worked like magic. For a while, the pacifier was the only thing that would soothe him in the car. Now, he will be 3 months in a couple of days and he doesn’t “require” the pacifier every time to soothe. Only occasionally. Every baby is different. Mine wants it sometimes, but not all the time. It also gives me a bit of a break when he’s wanting to comfort nurse. I still hold him, but the pacifier helps soothe him when he just wants to suck. There’s nothing wrong with using a pacifier, but if you want to stop it altogether, I’m afraid you might have to endure some fussiness until she forgets about it. Sorry I can’t be of more help. This is just my personal experience with the pacifier.

  • Anna
    Jun 30

    Thanks Samantha, its true...

  • Megan
    Jul 05

    I was determined to use pacifiers with my kids. I have a little sister that never used one and sucked her thumb. And that habit didn’t break til almost her teen years. It cause awful dental issues and she had to go through so much to correct it. Because of that I’ve been terrified to let my kids suck their thumbs. Also they say pacifiers help prevent SIDS so that was an extra boost to use them. But with my daughter she got very attached and had a hard time breast feeding as we introduced it too soon. So with my son we were determined to get our breastfeeding well established before giving him one, and they hospital gave him one without asking us 🤦🏻‍♀️ and he was hooked. But I am grateful that both our kids took to the pacifiers over thumb sucking and we got our daughter past that phase before weaning her off the pacifiers so now she needs neither! They helped us so many times on car rides or restaurants or even the movies (she’d take her pacifier and sleep the whole time) so they can be very convenientu