She’s only 8months now but I’m already getting ideas for her first birthday! I’m planning on making her cake homemade (cus I don’t want overload her on sugar). What were your kids 1st birthdays like? Pics for attention lol

  • Geena
    Feb 02

    Celebrated more than 2 weeks ago. He was Daniel Tiger 🤪

  • Lisa
    Feb 02

    We did an Elmo theme and I made a banana cake!

  • Jess
    Feb 02

    These birthdays are so sweet! I love the banana cake idea. My son is 10 months and I’ve been thinking about this too. I saved some ideas on Pinterest, like this one. I don’t think I’d use this many balloons but I think my boy would find this super fun/funny. I’m also thinking about making an applesauce cake but with pear sauce (his favorite food). Does your daughter have a favorite food? Those two front teeth are the cutest btw.

  • Rona
    Feb 02

    We did a jungle theme.

  • Nicole
    Feb 02

    My LO is 5 months old and I’m already planning his 1st bday! 🤣💁🏻

  • Geraldine
    Feb 03

    We did George Pig (Peppa Pig) for our oldest and Elmo (Sesame Street) for our littlest.

  • Bekah
    Feb 03

    This this the cake I’ll be making lol she loves apple, banana & sweet potatoes the most. I was thinking about doing an animals theme since her crib area is themed animals & she seems to love every animal she’s ever met haha

  • Morgan
    Feb 03

    I’ve been planing since my son was 6m. Now we’re 15days till his party. We’re doing dinosaurs. And I’m making a basic vanilla cake with colored frosting because we can’t afford to have someone custom make ours. So I’m tackling it my self 😬(can’t be to hard right 😂). We’ll probably do jumbo cupcakes for his party and and his cake smash will be a cake. But I just bought few decorations on Amazon and I’m putting up 120 photos of all his 1-12m photos and everything he’s done in his first year (I’m huge into taking photos must be the photographer in me). Pictures of things I’m going to do and the decorations (none of the photos are mine). We’ll be having veggies to in a cup.

  • Kristen
    Feb 03

    My daughter turned 1 two weeks ago. We did a Muppet themed party with homemade mini vanilla cupcakes that she loved!

  • Amber
    Feb 03

    Vintage Peter Rabbit. My son is’s been some kind of vehicle theme each birthday since.

  • Aleshia
    Feb 15

    We did “I love you to the moon and back” for our son and “you are my sunshine” for our daughter. One of my favorite things was a giant sun cutout to stick your children’s heads in and take pictures with cell phones. It said you are my sunshine in large print, and the bottom said her name, date, and 1st Birthday in small print in the corner.