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Should I take my 1.5 yr old to the doctor or ride it out?


This is the first time he’s had a stuffy/runny nose this bad, to the point where he calls it a boo boo and has to breathe and sleep with his mouth open. He doesnt have a cough nor is he teething just a very stuffy nose with a lot of yellow and clear discharge. His temperature was high two nights ago but we gave him his Motrin and he fell asleep for the night and hasn’t felt hot since. I just don’t want to sit at a clinic for hours and be seen for less than 5 min for a doctor to tell me to “just keep giving him his Tylenol/Motrin and lots of fluids”. Which I already am doing. I also have the humidifier going in his room during his naps and during the night. Not scared of doctors or antibiotics, just don’t want to waste half my day waiting for nothing lol!

  • Lynn
    Jan 29

    Just call the advice line and they can tell you over the phone after asking you a billion questions. I seriously doubt they will have you come in for a snotty nose with no other symptoms. Just give you advice.

  • Joanna
    Jan 29

    I hate going to the clinic too. I use Teledoc offered through my insurance (copay charge). There's also a nurse line for free, but cannot prescribe anything. If you have a regular pediatrician, they should answer any questions on the phone and tell you if it's urgent to come in. Based on your description, it just sounds like a bad cold and you are doing all the right things. If he tolerates it, use a saline rinse to clear his nose.

  • J
    Jan 29

    are you just concerned that it is the first? or that you think it is bad? sounds like a typical cold to me but mine has had several at this point so i recognize my baby’s symptoms and it takes a while to clear up.

  • Cathy
    Jan 30

    Also, how long has he had it? My pediatrician says most colds last 10-14 days. If my son is coughing at night for a couple of nights or there’s no relief after 8 days of saline/humidifier/elevating mattress etc - I go to the doctor.

  • Sakuras
    Jan 30

    Use nose saline solution drops, like one or two to decongest the nose and if it’s clogged wait a few seconds and extract it. Keep humidifier on or get a dehumidifier. Some times it’s due to too much humidity.

  • Activemommy
    Jan 31

    How’s your child doing? I had to take mine to the doctor yesterday, turns out her cold caused an ear infection :(. This is also her first time getting sick