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Should I worry if my 10 month old isn’t wanting to drink his formula anymore?

My son loved eating food since we first introduced it to him, but now he’s not even wanting to drink his formula anymore! I know he should drink it until his a year old but he won’t take it in a bottle or a sippy cup. He’ll drink a little but after a few seconds he gets up or pushes it away. We’ve tried changing the nipple size but he still has no interest (we’re at the biggest size now). Should I call his pediatrician? I try to give him a balanced diet with the food he eats but I feel like he won’t get everything he needs if he doesn’t drink the formula. He is almost 11 months now, so he’s not too far from a year but I’d still like to make sure, just to be safe 😅 I don’t know if I’m just letting mommy anxiety get to me or if it is an actual concern.

  • Nora
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 11

    he's going to get a new tooth I bet - almost always a baby that refuses the bottle for a while pops a tooth about a week later and then goes right back to drinking the bottle - so mix the formula in with infant cereal in the mean time

  • Julie
    Feb 21

    Had the same problem too. My grandma told me it’s fine that he doesn’t need formula by 11 months as long as he is eating right drinking water and to introduce Nido once a day (before bed to drink in a sipping cup) that is what I did we didn’t have any problems he was peeing and pooping regularly. “Nido” a nutritional powder drink for ages 1-3 and it worked great for him