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My son is 3 years old. The week before Christmas he started with a runny nose, then a cough. Last Wednesday I took him to patient first he had a rash all over his body. They told me it’s a virus it will pass in a few days. So a week goes by and he still has all the same things going on but the rash spreads one day his rase is really bad looking, then the next his legs are really bad. Took him to the family dr and they said the same thing. Just a virus it takes kids different amount of time to pass it. He gave prednisolone. We started it last night. I wanted to see if anybody else was having the same problems with their little guys or gals? I feel so bad for my son.

  • Alexis
    Dec 28, 2018

    Me and both my boys have been sick. I fell ill a week before Christmas and it took until Christmas Eve till I finally felt mostly normal again. My oldest son was sick for about the same amount of time and my youngest still is at the tail end of whatever we've had. He ended up with a bad ear infection. Unfortunately it's just that time of year. If it is viral theres not much you can do but treat the symptoms and let it run its course. But if it gets worse or continues lingering then trust your mommy intuition. Keep pushing the issue if you feel theres something more going on. My experience is that mom usually knows when something isn't right. I hope your little guy feels better soon!