I’d like to introduce sign language to my one year old but have no idea where to start.... how did you teach your little one?

  • Rebecca
    Nov 27, 2018

    We started with please and thank you. Using it at meal time every time they wanted something. And also watched some baby Einstein sign video. That helped me learn the signs then I would just use them every time I used those words. Eventually she just started using them as well.

  • Michaela
    Nov 27, 2018

    I’ve learned so many signs from baby signing time on YouTube I use them a lot during the day (please, thank you, milk, eat, drink, banana, apple, more, stop, socks, etc.) My six month old seems to be picking up on “milk” but I can’t be sure yet lol I figure if I just continue to repeat them they’ll eventually click just like learning a spoken language

  • Laura
    Nov 27, 2018

    Baby sign language classes at our hospital

  • Julie
    Nov 27, 2018

    We started with more, all done, eat, and drink. She caught on quick!!

  • Mackenzie
    Nov 27, 2018

    We started with essentials like, milk, all done, water, food, & more...then added please and thank you once they were using those other signs consistently. If you use them when you talk to them they will pick it up! We started exposing both of our boys at 8 months and they both used them pretty well by 15 months. Leave expectation out of it though, some kids could completely care less.

  • Mare
    Nov 27, 2018

    We did more, please, all done, and tired. We signed the words whenever we said them and they worked really well! My son was still signing the words even though he could say them.

  • Sinclair
    Nov 28, 2018

    Best way I used asl is when my child didn’t want to answer with words, which made it easier to communicate.

  • Lindsay
    Nov 28, 2018

    We started signing words important to us first. Milk, more, hungry, finished...I think that’s it. We would do it two or three times while saying the word. The kids picked up so much faster that I anticipated. It was a great way to communicate with the kids.

  • Matt
    Nov 29, 2018

    Have you seen ? signing and foreign language...!

  • JEaton
    Nov 30, 2018

    Our library has a baby sign language class once a week. I've been taking my son since he was 4 months old. Now at 20 months he signs a lot of the time.