Simple hack to rejuvenate dried out markers

Saw this online and had to share! If your kids are like mine and can’t put the caps back on markers to save their lives, get some liquid watercolor and soak the marker tips overnight. You can use cups for this or an ice cube tray. Amazingly, it works! Just make sure to get the washable stuff 😅

  • Kaitlin
    Nov 06, 2018

    Seems cheaper to buy new markers

  • Anonymous
    Nov 06, 2018

    It’s cheaper just to buy new ones! Not to mention the time you’d spend putting this together and time is money! Plus hopefully your kid doesn’t wake up before you and dump the tray everywhere. Cute idea but not really practical!!

  • Cheryl
    Nov 06, 2018

    Such a great idea to slow down the throwing away of MORE PLASTIC. Definitely worth the effort.

  • theishu
    Nov 16, 2018

    Definitely worth a shot if it means less waste and less plastic discarded