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Sinus infection or cold?


My ten month old developed a mild cold 4 days ago but the runny nose only lasted two days. He’s still pretty fussy though and I noticed one of his eyes is a tiny bit red and maybe a little puffy. Can this just be from cold or does it necessarily indicate sinus infection? I’m known to drag him to the doctor too much and I hate to do that over nothing

  • Kate
    May 19

    Hey there, go ahead and take him in. I actually just had something similar happen with my 2 year old - one eye was more swollen/red/mucus-y than the other. Took her to the doc and she had a double ear infection that had traveled to her eye. She needed antibiotics, and it’s cleared up (still taking the antibiotics though). Can’t say for sure that’s what your little one has, but get it checked out. And don’t worry about “being known” for taking him to the doctor “too much”. I had a baby in January, and between both my girls, we’ve been in the pediatrician’s office weekly - if not more - for the past three months. It’s crazy. And I used to feel the same way... “here we are again. What are they going to think?” Then I basically lost all pride and decided... who cares? Seriously. And it turns out, they’re not judging at all. If anything, they feel badly for us (we’ve been hit super hard by cold season). You’re the parent, and your child’s health is absolutely important. But you know that already. Go ahead, be THAT parent. Take him in as much as you need. 🙂

  • Anonymous
    May 19

    Thank you so much for your reply! I have also pretty much all pride when it comes to running to the doctor 😄 better safe than sorry especially when it comes to our children! Thank you for your input!!