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Sippy cup


From your experience, do you know any good quality of drinking cups for the age of 3 years and more? I want them not to cause a mess and they can use them in the cat car. Surely they can drink from the regular cup, but you know this age and the movement they have. I want something to relax mentally when I give it to my son. Most of the over the shelf just for younger age

  • Anonymous
    Jul 26

    Just a regular water bottle should be fine. They sell them in the kitchen section at Walmart and Target. They are around $10. Just make sure you wash the parts a lot, they grow mold if you dont

  • PK
    Jul 26

    We have the playtex insulated straw sippy cup. It said 12+ months on it. My son is 2.5 now... and we have had it for about a year and a half. Easy to clean (you will need straw scrubber) and very durable. It’s not super insulated like a hydro flask but it is nice that it keeps water colder for a little longer. And like yours... he drinks from an open cup for meals. This is mainly for on the go.