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Skin care


Anybody have any recommendations for a basic skin care routine that is breastfeeding friendly? I have pretty normal/maybe slightly sensitive skin. I’ve never had bad acne but will get the occasional zit. I’ve never had a skin care routine but am starting to notice some wrinkles and I know this is something I need to get started on. I’m specifically looking for a general cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and an eye cream- none of which can contain anything that’s not safe for breastfeeding. Thanks!

  • Nikki
    Nov 23, 2019

    From what you did rubes we have generally the same skin type. Mine is a tad sensitive and will flair up is I come into contact with almonds however, I use dermalogica products. They work really well. Also I’ve used them while breastfeeding and all is well. I mean if you want something really natural that works you can try rose hip water.. or aloe but I really don’t enjoy the smell of aloe Vera so that did not work for me. I’m all about the dermalogica line if you wear make up there’s really no difference in the ingredients. You can find it at Ulta beauty. On the rest of my body I use cocoa butter and coconut oil. Zimmerman’s nuts and candies has this amazing cocoa butter piggies that are just perfect for skin care. Anyways hope my tid bits help. 🙂