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Sleep pattern

Can babies sleep throughout the night by almost 2 months..

  • Elle
    Jun 13

    Yep! So long as your baby is healthy you can teach your baby. Our baby started learning to sleep through the night at 5wk, got it down by 8wks. There are some cardinal DOs and DO NOTs. So long as the baby is healthy, 99% of it comes down to parenting decisions. The book, Bringing Up Bébé was a good resource. My friend did the same thing, and her kid was sleeping through the night by 2 months, too.

  • B
    Jun 13

    Some babies can, most won’t and will wake to feed.

  • Samantha
    Jun 14

    My 2 month gets up once a night to feed for about 10 minutes between 2 and 4 am. However, he has slept through the night twice this week. Oddly enough, I’ve been up more the nights he sleeps through the night wondering why he’s not up. But, they can do it.