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Sleep problem

My 8 month old wakes up multiple times at night, I tried everything,she sleeps in a different room.She has a night time routine, she will sleep immediately at night when I’ll put her in crib around 9ish but she will wake up in middle of the night 1:30, 2:30,3:30. I’ll go in her room after half n hour of crying and will pat her but I won’t take her out from crib, she will start crying once I’ll stop patting. Now I do give her milk around 3 once she finishes her milk she throws her bottle and sleeps after 15 min. I do give her cereal in her milk before going to bed. I don’t know what I am doing wrong? Please help!

  • Andrea
    Feb 05

    So i have Dr. Ferbers book and in it he explains baby’s (and even adults) natural sleep pattern. In general what i learned is that after a baby is put to bed, the first hours they fall into a deep sleep. Then they transition into a lighter sleep. Then about two hours (if i remember correctly) before wake up time they go into a deep sleep again. What your experiencing is when baby transitions into the lighter sleep area. It sounds like your little one has a sleep association. He suggests his CIO method to break the association... i did it around 8 months and it worked... and really wasn’t that bad. My little guy cried maybe 15 min the first time. But only like 3 min and less the next few times. Unfortunately nature happens... teething, colds, etc. So we trailed back and now my guy still wakes a couple times at night. But he still puts himself back to sleep half the time. i believe if you really want to break the association it is possible with his method. (Ive just been accepting it cause i don’t mind the snuggles at night for a short bit). His method really works but you have to stick to it... and revisit after teething and illnesses. Check out his book if your interested... its pretty inexpensive on Amazon and really helps you understand babies and kids sleep.

  • Jenn
    Feb 06

    My 8 month old, who has been a wonderful sleeper since 3 months, is doing the same thing. She is teething, so tylenol or motrin before bed helps. Also, 8 months is an age where they go through a separation anxiety phase. I do what Andrea said and use the Ferber method, so I go in after increasingly longer times, starting at 5 mins.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 06

    Sounds like teething :( the first sets of teeth my son got that was sooooo him. Every single hour. Maybe try Motrin before bed? You may not see teeth actually erupting- but the most pain typically happens 1-2 weeks before a tooth even arrives! if it lasts longer than a week then maybe I’d say it’s something other than teething. Really look at her schedule! Is she sleeping too much during the day? Is she sleeping too little during the day? She should be taking 2 naps a day at this age. Also- make sure she gets 3-4 hours of awake time before laying her down for bed. Look at her food intake- she should be having 24+ oz of formula during the day in addition to some solids so she is not hungry at night. It’s such a hard balance to find but I remember around 6-8 months we reaaaaally had to play with his schedule and wake times/nap times to get it down- he was super sensitive to that- and he’s one and still is! I still reaaaaally watch his wake times or he’s out of whack!

  • Marium
    Feb 06

    Thank you! I have been doing Ferber method but I guess it’s teething because her lower incisor is erupting I can see the edge.ill keep doing Ferber method and won’t loose hope. Last night she slept well but I was awake all night lol. I saw on monitor that she woke up thrice but then she slept on her own. Let’s see how she will be tonight.