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Sleep Regression, Teething or both?

My 16 month old has started waking nightly for the last 2 weeks, she wakes up crying after going down for her night sleep and sleeps only if held+ rocked. We’re pretty confused- she was sleeping through the night for the last few months- straight from 9 pm to 7:30am, she sleeps well during her mid afternoon nap-2-2.5 hours but the night sleep has gotten pretty bad- noticed she’s been gnawing pretty hard on her fingers so was wondering if this could be teething related too? Anyone else experiencing this??

  • Jenn
    Jul 22

    Sounds like teething to me. Try tylenol or motrin before bed. That helps my LO sleep much better. Alternate between the 2, and you can give the other if she wakes during the night.