Sleep study for my two year old

I’m not sure what to expect and I’m really anxious about how he’s going to respond.

  • morgan
    Sep 05, 2019

    Hi there Laura! I just wanted to share my experience with my son! Now he was 3 when he had his done back in February! We arrived at like 7pm & we were able to bring snacks, water, books, and our iPad, and any toys! When it was time to lay down per the nurses, he got all hooked up, and I layed with him until he would fall asleep but every time something came unhooked or too much snot was getting into the nose tubes, the nurses would come in and fix it. He probably got a good hour & a half sleep that night and I of course, the same. Some kids may react different but it was definitely a restless night! 2 weeks later he had his tonsils taken out and has slept much better! If you have any other questions I can definitely try to help! :)

  • Jared
    Sep 06, 2019

    My son had 2 sleep studies done at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Lots of probes and sticky stuff attached to his head. Only one parent allowed in the room overnight. He didn’t really like the probes on his face but once he was asleep it was fine. My wife didn’t get much sleep on the first study, but I was able to get a few hours on the second. There was a TV in the room, small hospital bed to sleep on.