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Sleep trained baby suddenly waking constantly


We’re about a week and a half into sleep training our almost 5 month old. By the second night she was sleeping all night except waking up once or twice to eat. Now suddenly the last two nights she’s waking up constantly wanting to eat and after she eats a couple ounces and I lay her back down she’s awake again in a few minutes screaming. I have to feed her more to get her to settle and stay asleep for a while. I’m just not sure if she’s going through a growth spurt and needing to eat more? Or if she’s reverted back to waking up constantly and only being soothed by eating like she was before we sleep trained. If I try to let her cry she just freaks out and never settles so I end up feeding her more. I don’t know what to do and I’m losing my mind!

  • Missy
    Jun 06

    Working with a sleep trainer now - she asked me to confirm with pediatrician that baby does not need any night time feeds (she’s also almost 5 months old).. so I’m thinking that because you allowed for 1-2 feedings, they learned the behavior? Ask your pediatrician if night time feeds are needed at this point.

  • Natasha
    Jun 06

    Are you feeding her enough during the day? My 3 month old has slept through the night for several weeks, but if for some reason he didn’t quite eat enough during the day, he wakes up once.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 06

    That’s another thing I was wondering. She eats well for me but during the day while I’m at work my husband has her and she doesn’t eat as well for him. But she was only waking once or twice a night to eat for a week and a half then suddenly waking up every hour so I don’t know. Wondering if I should just let her cry if I know she’s not hungry? It’s just hard to do when I’m in the same room and need sleep

  • Elle
    Jun 07

    She may be teething. And eating merely bc the suckling is a form of self-soothing. Babies can teethe for a month before you see a tooth. If that is the case, tylenol before bed will do the trick.