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Sleep training 18mo


Are there any parents out there who have any experience sleep training their 18mo? My LO still needs to be held and have bottle in order to go to bed/nap. She also gets up during the night usually only once for a bottle but sometimes she gets up for a cuddle session. Looking for some tips and tricks to sleep train an older infant. Don’t mean to be harsh but looking only for responses from parents who have done it at this age or older.

  • Catherine
    Nov 24, 2019

    We have done it with our son around 16 months. We tried earlier but failed. Naps are still a struggle. He’s 20 months now and finally stopped waking at all in the middle of the night and sleeps 10+ hr stretches. We had to do cry it out at night. He just got more upset with cuddles or wanted to get up to play. We watched on a monitor to make sure he was safe. He has his own crib in his room too. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    Nov 24, 2019

    How long did he cry for at once? How many nights did it take for him to “understand” that you weren’t coming to pick him up?

  • Catherine
    Nov 25, 2019

    It took a good solid week but got better each night. It sounds like our son was a lot worse than your daughter though since he was waking frequently all night. The first couple of nights, he’d wake every hour or two and cry for up to 30-60 mins. Our neighbors weren’t pleased, and it was brutal on us as well. Our dr firmly encouraged it though. I cried a bit, had some wine before bed, and we’d watch him on a monitor the entire time. I still nurse him and sing to him before bed, but he knows which song is last and curls up with his pillow doll when I start it. Per other’s advice, I always stick to the same bedtime routine and make sure he’s awake when he goes to bed. The routine is working so well that I think soon I’ll be able to skip the nursing too. Good luck!

  • Penelope
    Dec 02, 2019

    Throw the bottle out and let them learn to cope. It may drive you nuts but it’ll only get worse the longer it goes.