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Sleep training?

My little guy is just about 12 weeks old. He is a really content, happy baby. He pretty much only fusses when he’s hungry or tired. He naps great during the day (about an hour 3-5 times/day). He still gets up every 3 hours at night to eat, but goes right back to sleep. We usually do that cycle from about 10pm-8am then he’s ready for another nap by 10 or 11am. My issue is that he will NOT sleep on his back. For about the first 8 weeks, he slept exclusively on mine or my husband’s chest. After 8 weeks, we let him nap on his tummy (pediatrician suggested!) during the day and it works! At night, he sleeps in bed with us (I know, I know). He starts on my chest and then I wiggle him to my side so his head is on my bicep....and up every 3 hours. Like I said, he’s a great baby just won’t sleep on his back. Do I need to do a sleep training program? It’s not negatively affecting our lives, it’s our first baby so this is all we know and we’ve adapted. Would love for him to sleep in his bassinet, on his back though! Is this something sleep training could “fix?” Does it need fixing? (Going back to work next week and this mama is super anxious about that!)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01

    My son slept in a bassinet on his belly from really early on.... I know it isn’t recommended but it is what it is. I also sleep on my belly and have since day one. do you swaddle? That may help?

  • Jenn
    Jan 01

    He could have mild reflux and being on his back is painful. Can he turn his head side-to-side? If so, he should be okay at night.

  • Elle
    Jan 01

    Yes to sleep training! It will make everyone (including baby) happier, healthier, and more well rested. 2-3 days now ... Or weeks to learn later on. 100% recommend the book Bringing Up Bébé for everything sleep training related.

  • Ashlea
    Jan 01

    My little girl is 16 weeks and has slept on her belly, in her crib in her own room, since 4-5 weeks. We started with naps before that. She never has liked her back. She’s always had a strong neck and she has an Owlet Smart Sock so I know she’s breathing throughout the night. She started going longer without eating once she wasn’t in the room with us. (Like 9 hours for a good stretch) She also sucks her fingers so they are easier for her to find on her own and soothe herself back to sleep

  • Emily
    Jan 01

    My daughter is almost 5m and has slept on her tummy ever since she was born - whether it’s on my chest, in her crib or in bed with us. Once I stopped trying to swaddle her and put her to sleep on her back, she has been a pretty great sleeper.

  • Lauren
    Jan 01

    Our baby hated the swaddle and will only sleep on her stomach. She hated the bassinet so we had to slowly ease her into it (consistency is key). She’s now sleeping in her crib through the night at 4 months- on her stomach. Don’t feel too bad- some babies won’t follow the ‘rules’ and sleep is sleep!

  • Cheryl
    Jan 01

    He probably has gas that feels uncomfortable when he’s on his back. My baby did. What saved us was gripe water and bicycle exercises for 20 minutes about 3 times a day. He turned into a different baby at night when we did that.

  • Sabrina
    Jan 02

    I have 3 kids and 2 of the 3 have always slept on their stomach. My youngest is almost 6 months and will NOT sleep on his back. We cosleep and he will either sleep on his side curled up to me or he will sleep on his belly beside me. He also will sleep in his crib for naps but only on his belly. If it seems to bother you or make you anxious that your little one is only sleeping on her belly, maybe try swaddling her? My son has been able to hold his head up since birth and has slept on his tummy since day one so I see no issue with it. A lot of other parents will try to tell you it’s “dangerous” to have baby on their belly but just as many will tell you it’s dangerous to have them sleep on their back so I think it should be up to you and what makes you feel comfortable. Thank

  • Anonymous
    Feb 14

    No to sleep training. He’s barely 3 months old! Give the kid a little time to acclimate! He needs to be held and feel secure. If he isn’t happy sleeping alone, or in his back, don’t force it.