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Sleep Training

I am looking for advice on how to sleep train my almost 6 month old. I have read about a few different methods but I can’t decide how to go about getting started. My little guy has been a terrible sleeper since birth. This past month he has taken to waking up every 30 minutes or so and I’m ready for something different. We have created some bad habits along the way...only will nap while being held or wakes up after 20 minutes when in his pack and play, sleeps in our bed at night. OOPS!! ☺️ Like I said we are ready for something different and we know it won’t be easy. I am just looking to see what has worked for some of you and any advice you may have for me and my little guy. Thanks!!

  • Lizzie
    May 09

    Check out Taking Cara Babies, her site and IG has tons of sleep tips and tools for breaking bad habits. For my boys I found having a consistent schedule of morning wake up, eating, play, nap and bedtime really helped with sleeping and also we would stretch their naps so that if they only are sleeping one sleep cycle (usually 45 min) then at least once a day we would leave him in his crib for a full 90 minutes and do what we needed to do to get them back down for the full 90 until it became a habit. We also did a cry it out method for teaching our oldest to fall asleep on his own. It was super painful, but he was able to fall asleep on his own after 4 days of it.

  • Christine
    May 12

    You can also look at Merlin’s magic sleepsuit, it has helped us tremendously!

  • Ashley
    May 15

    Girl....wish I could help. My LO is 11 months and I’ve been going through the EXACT thing since he was 6 weeks. I wish I never let him in our bed. He refused to sleep in his bassinet we bought. We bought one for in the bed- didn’t work. He had a crib in his room but I wasn’t ready to move him out yet. He was still napping on his own in the pack and play for a while, but then teething came in and would only sleep in my arms. He’s sooooo attached to me. I tried to put him down in his crib a few times but he always wakes up- angry. I tried CIO one day for 3 20 minute periods and he just hyperventilated. I need to be stronger, I know, but it’s so tough! advise....fix it as soon as you can!!! I have no idea what I’m going to do