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Sleep training

My son just turned 6 months old and at his check up his pediatrician suggested we start sleep training. A little back story- my baby has been a horrible sleeper since he was born. He’s wakes every 1-2 hours, he only falls asleep if my husband or I hold him, and sleeps in his pack n play next to our bed. I really don’t know how I feel moving him into his own room. I know eventually we have to do it. My husband and I bought two books about sleep training. We’re going to read them together this weekend and hopefully start on Monday. I just read the first chapter of one of the books and it’s making my stomach hurt thinking about starting this process so soon! I guess my question is, should I be worried? Is it really as bad as it seems??? TIA

  • B
    Feb 15

    This is totally up to you. I didn’t sleep train until 9 months and moved her to her room. But around 6 months I started to have my husband take her away for one wakeup so that I wasn’t feeding her each time. We spent a while breaking that reliance for a few wakeups and that reduced the times she woke. Then in her room we sleep trained some so that she was only waking once a night max. Do what you’re comfortable with.

  • Cheryl
    Feb 16

    CRY IT OUT. I know, I know. I didn’t know how I felt about it. But after the first night of letting my baby cry it out, he is almost perfect about sleeping in his crib. All of my siblings and I cried it out and we are fine by the way. My baby is better now that we are all getting good enough sleep. He gets better sleep in his crib.

  • Dani
    Feb 17

    My son is 3 and we have had many setbacks with sleeping in his own room over the last 3 years. We did the cry it out method. We will rock for 10-15 mins and then he goes into his room. When he figured out how to get out of bed and how to open his door it took a few weeks of retraining.