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Sleep training advice for 1 year old


Hi, I need some advice on how to sleep train our 1 year old. He’s been used to nursing to sleep and has refused the bottle since around 9 months old. We’ve tried the CIO method when he was younger but he would get so upset that he would throw up. I have to start traveling for work so my husband needs a method he can use since he obviously can’t nurse. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 11

    Honestly, you being gone is the solution. It’ll be one rough night and then fine. You could do a transition sippy cup of milk. But your husband might just comfort or cio while you’re gone and the nursing will be finished

  • Jess
    Mar 13

    We also tried CIO when our lil was younger and was an issue and didn’t work. Tried again at 9 months and I stopped feeding at night and this time it worked. For about a week, my hubby was the one to go in and rub her back a little before she fell back asleep so she didn’t sense me or the milk and it worked. One or two rough nights. With you not there I think it will be completely different experience. We decided to give another try after she spent a few night at my parents and went down easier and slept mostly thru the night. Realized she didn’t really need me... or the night feedings.