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Sleeping advice


My 10 month old has decided she doesn’t want to nap for more than 30mins twice a day. We try and let her cry it out but it doesn’t work. Today she took a 30 min nap at 1000am and then took a 35min nap at 2pm. We let her cry for about 10 mins and then we went in and cuddled her for about 20mins all during which she was going hysterical. I know they say don’t pick them up and stay in for long periods of time but she still wouldn’t go back to sleep. She is teething but even with medicine it isn’t helping during naps. We reduced her naps to twice a day just after 8 months and she was doing great! So now she’ll be up from 230pm until 730pm. Otherwise we put her down for another nap and then she goes to bed late.

  • B
    Apr 23

    I think she’s ready for one nap maybe. Try to keep her awake one day until 12 and see what happens.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 23

    She sleeps almost 12 hours at night. She was doing great with naps. She would take an hour and then a two hour nap. She does have 3 of her top teeth coming in as well. I just don’t think she’s ready for only one nap because you can tell she tired around 10am.