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Sleeping alone


My daughter just turned one on Monday. She was doing great going to sleep on her own and staying in her own crib. Lately she wakes up crying and sits up. She won’t go back down until I pick her up and take her to bed with me. She is getting her first tooth. I don’t know if it’s just a new thing and is teething related or some stage. Any advice would be welcome

  • Kate
    Apr 18

    Sounds like it’s more of a teething phase. It may last a couple more days before it gets better. You could consider giving her something soft in her crib, like a small stuffed animal or lovey. Those can often provide a little extra comfort during the rough nights. And Tylenol and/or Motrin will help her stay comfortable, too.

  • Kendall
    Apr 18

    Sounds teething related! Should be back to normal soon. Try Motrin before bed