Sleeping face down, butt up. Why?

I've got a one year old who has recently taken to sleeping with his butt sticking up in the air. What's this about? I’m not worried, but definitely puzzled.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 10

    My son has always slept this way too 😂 he’s two now and still will sleep like this a good portion of the night.... looks painful to me lol

  • Kristen
    Oct 10

    I slept like that when I was a kid. Also my son does. Don't know why though. Maybe to see their cute little butt🙂

  • Audrey
    Oct 10

    My twins have done this since they were under a year and now they're almost two and it's so funny to see them both with their booties in the air.

  • Cheryl
    Oct 10

    My 18m daughter has been doing this the past couple of months! I think it’s cute and normal haha

  • Sarah
    Oct 10

    I think it’s bc of how they sit in the womb! My little does this too :)

  • Jessica

    I used to sleep like this when I was little. One day I just started sleeping on my side but same position haha.

  • Vonda

    Maybe he has gas? Lol. Totally normal. My son does it too.

  • Steph

    I remember sleeping like that as a child, just because it was comfortable. It was also just a phase.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter slept like that for a good year when she was younger. I did try it just to see if it hurt. It's actually relaxing. After a while, she got over it and now sleeps on her side.

  • Jeremy

    Ours did it too, all good

  • anonymous mom

    My daughter does the same. I have no idea why but I finally understand what “childs pose” was all about from back when I had time to go to yoga😂🤣

  • Angie
    1h ago

    Its the cutest! Enjoy it while young cuz they grow out of it. My kid is almost 4 and i find her totally upside down in morning sometimes with her head by foot of the bed! 🤣

  • Maurice
    50m ago

    Umm, freaked me out to no end and I dared not move him due to potential injury: his body was facing left, propped up on his side while his head was completely opposite facing right. Immediately reminded me of The Exorcist. Ultimately he was totally fine, but I honestly freaked out and it actually took my brain a few minutes to understand what I was seeing.