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Smelling food


Does your 17 month old baby smell food before he/she eats it?

  • Amy
    Jun 03

    My 20 month old has become picky when it comes to food. Similarly he'll bring a piece of it right to his mouth and almost nibble it before putting it back on his plate. He used to eat or try everything without fail. I'm sure it's just to help them learn more about what they're eating and that it'll fade out eventually.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 03

    My daughter doesn’t trust me 😂. She’s 21 months, she needs to see the food before it goes to her mouth. If I feed her something she didn’t see she spits it out and put it back in just to check what food I put in her mouth. But when she’s eating by herself she’s ok cause she knows what’s on her plate.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 05

    I’ve seen phases of this. And honestly, it’s a good habit. We shouldn’t really want our kids to blindly accept food from anyone, and if their instincts say to check it out first, it’s a good thing!