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Smoothie cups

I’m searching for an awesome spill proof cup for my toddler to drink his daily smoothie out of. Basic sippy cups don’t usually work for the thickness of the drink and I don’t want to find leaks on my floors and splats on my walls if I let him take the cup with him to sip on while he plays. I would love some recommendations. Thanks all!

  • Julie
    Feb 27

    After a long extensive search and a lot of$$ spent on super fun cups that spill smoothies everywhereeeeeeeeee....I found these. And they’re pretty good. You do have to cut a tiny slit on the side opposite the straw to make an air hole.

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Feb 27

    Thank you Julie!

  • Joanna
    Feb 27

    We have this that is more like the baby food pouches. Reusable Baby Food Pouch + Squeeze, Portable, Refillable Baby Food Container, Storage + Great for Smoothies and Snacks + 100% Food Grade Silicone - Squeasy Snacker - Featuring No-Spill Insert

  • meghan
    Mar 01

    My girl loves her morning smoothie too and we use Pura Kiki (the 5oz size) its perfect for small hands, its non toxic, easy to clean and the straw is large enough to let a lot of the smoothie chunks through.

  • Alexandra
    Mar 04

    Contingo no spill tumbler works great!

  • Jess
    Mar 07

    I agree with Julie! Those cups are cheap and awesome. I don’t cut air holes, just put the straw in after the top is sealed or it’ll spit at you! 😂 I give my kid smoothies in these but I insist he sits still with it, the straw is rigid plastic and if he fell with this in his mouth it could cause serious injury. It doesn’t spill though!