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So I’ve heard mixed reviews of infant cereal. I’ve decided against the boxes ones but I was thinking of making some homemade infant oatmeal. Thoughts?

  • Amanda
    Apr 23, 2018

    My daughter sees a pediatric GI specialist and she told me to skip cereal all together for my daughter. She said it doesn’t have any nutritional value and it’s just a filler. We started solids with steamed and puréed veggies and fruits. If you really wanted to to do cereal/oatmeal, I would go with homemade oatmeal just as a thickening agent in the food

  • Jennifer
    Apr 23, 2018

    I was told to give cereal till my son was two. It has lots of iron which babies need.

  • Megan
    Apr 23, 2018

    Seconding what Jennifer said. Baby cereal is only important because it’s iron fortified. If you are formula feeding, no biggie on skipping the cereal because most formula is iron fortified, however breast milk will not get anywhere close to fulfilling a baby’s iron needs as they grow, and iron is super important. There are other ways to get iron in their diets—-sometimes I put blackstrap molasses in oatmeal if I’m making some for myself as well.

  • Mar
    Apr 23, 2018

    I make organic steel cut oatmeal (Trader Joe’s has a good one) and add a little to purées. I was told by my pediatrician to avoid rice the first year.

  • Bri
    May 01, 2018

    I bought some organic whole oats and grinded them down to make oatmeal. I don't grind them now that my baby is older (9months). Just cook them normally and add some dried pitted dates for sweetness, cinnamon and nutmeg for flavor and avocado for healthy fat. I also thin it a bit with breast milk. Make a batvh and freeze it in 1 ounce icecube trays for later. Perfection and he loves it!