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So lately my 3yo keep taking her pants off.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Triny
    Feb 23

    She doesn’t want to wear them or will just take them off... now the tops too... she will just want to walk around wearing only her pull up.. is this normal??

  • Andrew Schwartz
    Feb 24


  • Anne
    Feb 25

    Super normal. My kids both had extended nude phases. Maybe try looser clothes like a T-shirt that’s slightly too big?

  • Ivy
    Feb 25

    Pretty normal I think. I have known a few kiddos (boys and girls) to do that. On a couple occasions, the child had a sensory issue and just hated the feeling of tags or a certain feeling.

  • Lynn
    Feb 26

    Normal. Remember they have no body shame yet and aren’t you more comfortable without clothes? Kids this age like to experiment with different everything. So, if they are always having to be in clothes, being naked is fun and awesome. Just like when kids go through the looking at everything upside down phase.

  • Triny
    Feb 27

    Thanks everyone!!... looking at everything upside down?.. never heard of it... we will see 😅

  • Kee
    Feb 27

    My daughter does this too. It’s totally a phase. I believe she likes it more so she can climb and jump around without the the extra restriction 🤪

  • Triny
    Feb 28

    That makes sense, thank you! I asked her is she wanted shorts instead and it seems to be working fine... only for when we are in the house thou 😅