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Solid Food

My son has been eating pureed food for a while now and has 2 teeth, at what age can he start trying to chew semi soft foods?

  • Kieli
    Dec 01, 2018

    You can get like the baby Cheetos, those helped my daughter learn how to chew. They have all kinds of snacks just for baby. Also you can try bananas, and other soft foods like that. My daughter still doesn’t have molars but chews things

  • Anonymous Mom
    Dec 01, 2018

    Yes ALL my kids started on those cheese curl things. Just stay close Incase is all but usually they just naw on them and suck and drool so much they melt right away

  • Ambria
    Dec 01, 2018

    Join a baby led weaning group on FB or Google it

  • Kelly
    Dec 01, 2018

    Teeth aren’t required for eating.....the teeth that are even remotely helpful for chewing (back teeth) they won’t get until close to (or over) a year....their jaws are ridiculously strong......just cut things into bite sized pieces and let them eat just about anything! My son was gumming steak at 6 months. 🤷‍♀️

  • Raven
    Dec 02, 2018

    Thank you all so much these were all things I had wondered but I didnt think to ask at my sons 6month. He is now 8 months and clearly wants our food so we will be starting today!

  • Brenda
    Dec 03, 2018

    They can start as early as 6 months even before teeth. The rule of thumb when starting soft foods is if you can squash it with ur fingers, they'll be able to mush it with the roof of their palate n tongue without a problem. Just be careful on how much ur giving them at once, some take a while to finish whatever was in their mouths. Safe to try avocados, bananas, veggies super steamed or cooked, fruits with supervision, cereal/ cookies/stars, shredded meat or keep pureeing as long as they gain enough weight