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Son not making friends

Hi everyone it's my first time posting here, I want to talk about my almost 6 year old son's school issues. He has a very sweet, calm and kind nature and has basically never gone to any school before kindergarten ( where he is now). Due to him being born after August , we had to wait another year. Tk (transitional kindergarten) was an option but there were no available spots around me to have him enrolled which led to him being homeschooled for Tk. He was not able to learn to write or complete any work academically because it was all parent participation which he was horrible at. So now he just started kindergarten and is having a hard time making friends. He is pretty tall for his age (tallest of the class) but I am not sure if that's his reason or not. But he tells me whenever he approaches someone to play with they don't listen and will shove/push him. He tells me no one wants to play with him and someone even pushed him today and I know this thought is bothering him a lot throughout the day. I asked his teacher how is he doing and she tells me he is having a really hard time paying attention. He's really polite so I know this is not a behavior issue he will listen to any adult but this is affecting his school work and mood. He comes home really grouchy and upset..I just don't know what to do. Thank you for reading this whole post. If you could give me some advice it would be much appreciated. TIA

  • Anonymous
    Sep 11, 2018

    Talk to him about how it takes time to transition to school. Play act about how to ask people to play with you, and what to do if they say no. Sounds like he’s also struggling with the change of having to sit still and pay attention for so long. I’d get more details from the teacher about what she means by that, what triggers his lack of attention, and what ideas she has.

  • Alla
    Sep 11, 2018

    Thanks...sounds like a good idea