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Spanish or Chinese Cartoons?


Other than Peppa Pig, are there any full cartoons that are entirely in Spanish or Mandarin? Preferably on YouTube or Netflix? I can find short clips on YouTube here and there but I’d love if I could find a 20+ minute cartoon all in Spanish or Chinese. TIA!

  • Emily
    Oct 09, 2018

    I know that the show Zou on Hulu can be chosen all in Spanish. And sometimes on Netflix I’ve noticed that you can change the language settings too so they would be speaking any language you choose. I found this out by my toddler doing it on accident lol.

  • Priscy
    Oct 09, 2018

    Babytv on youtube, you can choose the ones in spanish, some clips have a whole hour and different cartoons through the hour.

  • Noel
    Oct 09, 2018

    Cleo y cunquín on YouTube.

  • Yo
    Oct 09, 2018

    My kiddos used to watch Ni hao Kai lan and she is adorableeee

  • Anonymous
    Oct 09, 2018

    Thank you all! If there’s any others, please share. I should mention this is for my 5yr old. Thx!