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Spit-up at age 1, something wrong?


My baby is now a toddler, just turned one this summer. He still drinks breastmilk supplemented with formula (trying to use up our stash) through a sippy cup. Occasionally, perhaps once every few days or weeks, he will spit up. Not much at all, and he doesn't seem bothered by it at all but still: Is it normal for him to still be spitting up at his age? If so, then at what age can I expect spit ups to be completely in the past? Now that his teeth are coming in, I'm worried about the stomach acid eroding the enamel. Plus I'm tired of having to clean up the spit up.

  • Jenn
    Aug 31

    It is most likely that he drank too much or too quickly or that he may have gotten more air than normal. If he isn't bothered, then it isn't hurting him. Maybe try switching him to a sippy cup so that he is drinking slower.

  • Robert
    Sep 02

    Acid Reflux? Is he exclusively breast fed?