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Spouse disagreement ..


Hey everyone I'm new here and looking for some advice on a disagreement that my boyfriend & I are having about surrogacy I don't know why but I've been interested in surrogacy since I was about 18/19 (I'm 21 now) but you have to be a parent of atleast 1 child (I didn't have any children then) but last July on the 10th I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy... So recently I've jumped back on surrogacy journey and I was going to sign up for it last night until he told me he's not ok with it . He says he doesn't want me to mess with my body & how what if it will affect me having more kids of my own & so on . I get where he's coming from but I would love to bless a couple with the love of a blessing from God I love babies soooo much I guess you can say I'm baby crazy lol . I just want to do something life changing and spontaneous & at the end of the day I'm like “IT'S MY BODY I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT” ... but then again I don't want to do something that could have us both miserable . My mind is most definitely made up that I want to do this I just need for him to get on board ... am I wrong? could he be right?? idk I'm so conflicted right now...

  • Pot Papi
    Jan 02

    I understand where you coming from but you’re trying to do an extremely kind thing at the expense of your own body and he’s right God for bid something goes wrong and you no longer able to have your own children I deathly think you should worry about your own safety and your own family‘s well-being before worrying about strangers and their well-being but that’s my two cents peace and love

  • Anonymous
    Jan 02

    I’m not super knowledgeable about the process and everything, but is there someone at a company that you’re looking at to meet with and discuss this with your boyfriend in the same room? So you can ask all the questions and learn the pros and cons together so you are at least on the same page in regards to facts. Or maybe a dr? Maybe find a fb group or support group and see if you can meet with a few people who have been through this and ask them about their experience - again, with your boyfriend present so he can hear it for himself too.