Stained clothes

Does anyone honestly have baby clothes that have stayed unstained from food and/or diaper blowouts? I feel like none of my girls clothes stay stain free for long. What should I even do with these clothes when they're outgrown?

  • Elle
    Jul 06

    See if a heavy duty stain remover will help. Can always give to others as "play clothes". For future stains, Keep tide pens around the house to prevent stains from setting in.

  • Anne
    Jul 09

    Honestly no! Same for my kids. Clothes just get stained no matter what I do! The only thing I've successfully handed down is nicer stuff they don't wear much. These days I just get 6-packs of plain cotton tees from Hanes and call it a day. I'll save my clothes budget for when they are older and less messy 😂

  • Sara
    Jul 10

    A few things that help with stains: -Treat the stain right then, not a few days later when you are doing wash. It requires a big commitment but basically if I want my girls to have stain-free clothes, I need to treat them every night even if I'm not doing wash that night. -I use Zout (that's Zout, not Shout) for stain removal. It works better than a lot of other ones I've found. -Do not wash heavily stained clothes with things like towels or other heavy materials. The heavy materials will soak up all the detergent and the stained clothes will not get enough washing action. Instead washed stained clothes with other lightweight fabrics. -For most clothes though I don't worry about it too much. I would love to pass down clothes to my next kid but I've just come to terms that I will probably have to buy mostly new stuff because everything is getting destroyed :-)

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 10

    Heck no. Not here. But I happily dress my youngest in those stained clothes. Nothing takes the stress off a poop explosion like a prestained onsie. ;). I have three going on our fourth though. I have zero time to spend trying to get stains out.