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Starting baby foods


We have been given the go ahead to start baby foods last month at her 4 month check up. My husband and I decided we would wait until 6 months since she is doing just fine on formula. The doctor gave us some paperwork about starting foods but it’s a little unclear. We want to start off with one meal for now. How many ounces of baby food do I give her? Do I still give her the bottle with the baby food, if so do I put less formula then we normally would? She drinks 5-5oz bottles and 1-6oz bottle before bed. Any input would be helpful!

  • Julie
    Nov 29, 2018

    What I did was start with baby oatmeal watered down with formula or breastmilk. I gave her a few spoonfuls for about two days just to make sure she could swallow effectively and to gauge her interest. From there I moved on to the stage one foods and would feed her one jar a day, the same food type, for 2-3 days while watching for a reaction before trying something new. I think the stage one jar has maybe 2 oz in it so that’s what I gave her. If she didn’t want it all at breakfast I gave her more at lunch and dinner till it was gone. In the beginning I tried all new foods in the morning so I could watch for a reaction and not have to deal with a gassy baby at night. I always fed her her first foods about one hour after feeding her her AM bottle. I started her first foods at 5 months, by 6 months she was eating two jars a day (usually one new one at breakfast and one that I already established she liked for lunch). By 7-8 months she was on 3 jars a day and by 9 months she hated purée and would only eat adult food. Around 9-10 months she started drinking less breastmilk and formula and had dropped her oz/day from 30ish to 25. Before the 9-10 month mark you shouldn’t see much decrease in milk consumption, but it will naturally decrease once the solids really take off. People say food before 1 is just for fun but for us it was more like food before 9 months was just for fun and food by 10 months was her everything. Lol. Good luck!!

  • Jennifer
    Nov 29, 2018

    It will really depend on your baby. Mostly she will be tasting things in the beginning and it’ll probably be a while before she eats enough food to cut down on a bottle. We were told to start with oatmeal cereal for our first but Jude didn’t want that. I made him sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, chicken, and so many foods. We just gave him as much as he wanted of many different things. With Jude, I cooked the food and puréed, thinning it out with broth, milk, or water it so he could eat it. Lots of parents do the baby bird thing where they mash or chew up food and then give it to baby. There isn’t really a “right” food to start with (unless your pediatrician advises otherwise) just remember that you want to go slowly. You don’t want to introduce strawberries, avocados, and sweet potatoes in the same day. You need to give a little time to ensure there are no food allergies. Peanut butter - as long as there isn’t a family history of PB allergy, it is ok to try it. For a long time, pediatricians were advising not giving PB until after 1 year. There is now research showing this practice may be increasing PB allergy and recommend introducing it earlier. Jude has PB around 7 months old. You never give a child under 1 honey. Honey can contain teeny-tiny spores of botulism that will never hurt most people but could hurt a baby under 1. Baby food in jars are crazy convenient and wonderful. You can use those or make food yourself. If you make food yourself, don’t be afraid of seasoning it! This is when I introduced Jude to flavors such as curry and he loved it! A little salt will make things better also. What I will do with Kennedy (she is only 2 months now) is just give her small bites of what I’m eating. I’ll make her small portions of our meals instead of making her food separately. It will decrease my stress level and introduce her to more new things than I could otherwise. Funny story: I was cooking one day and had Jude (5months old) on the counter right beside me. I was slicing green bell peppers and he REALLY wanted one. I assumed he would lick it and throw it down so I gave him a slice. He gummed the whole thing! Raw bell pepper slices are still one of his favorite snacks at almost 4 years old! Let your baby girl lead you on this adventure, it will be a fun one! You got this Mama, good luck!

  • Anonymous
    Nov 29, 2018

    Until age 1, formula or breast milk are still most important/main source of nutrition. So don’t cut down anything. She’s just essentially tasting foods. The other ladies provided a lot of info, so I won’t add :)

  • Dragana
    Nov 29, 2018

    We are just starting the same thing. My lo is 4 mo and we started with oatmeal first. It is our first week and he doesn’t seem to mind it for breakfast. Next week we will try something else.

  • Birdie
    Nov 29, 2018

    Try not to think too much about it. Food is just for fun. Stay with formula or breast for now, don’t do less of anything. Just have her taste what’s on your plate. If you’re eating healthy so will your child. If they don’t like it don’t freak out, keep introducing it at different times. Their tastebuds are always changing. It’s ok to give them food with seasoning. My daughter hated anything bland, all food at least had to have salt & pepper.

  • Denise
    Nov 29, 2018

    I started off with all my 4 kids with baby cereal at 4 months then at 5 with baby food. I have a walking 10 month old 😭

  • Mackenzie
    Nov 29, 2018

    We waited until 6 months for both of my children. Check out Baby Lead Weaning