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Stay-at-home jobs?!?

I’m a new mommie to two a boy and girl, 14 months apart. I am married and we bought our first home this year. I am trying the stay-at-home mom thing but it’s hard because my husband doesn’t really make enough. I’ve been looking for some at home jobs but haven’t really had any luck. We can’t afford childcare and I want to homeschool. If anybody has any tips for finding a job or making money from home please comment.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01

    If your going to homeschool maybe offer tutoring to other kids on The Weeknd’s or few days a week in the evening. You could make your own hours and rates

  • Christa
    Jan 01

    I am a stay at home mom as well, and I love that idea of tutoring and being able to make your own hours, and schedule! I used to tutor while I was in college for some side income and I don’t know why I never thought of that for a stay at home mom job!