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Stepstool/ladder combo with seat? Or other recs?


My son is potty trained with the big toilet. He knows how to take off his pants and underwear then we help him up onto the toilet seat. However lately he’s been trying to get up there himself with the step stool that he uses for the sink. He’s having trouble maneuvering himself onto the seat (the seat sits at the back of the toilet). Any product recommendations for something that might help my son with this independence? He’s 2.5... and a small guy. We got him a small potty but he never liked using it. We currently just use a regular two level step stool (height works out ok) and the oxo 2-in-1 travel toilet seat (which is awesome btw). Thank you!!

  • Anonymous
    Sep 08

    It’s silly, but the squatty potty works perfectly for this!

  • A
    Sep 08

    I don’t really have advice, but I just want to say ... that is awesome he doesn’t like the little potty!! We have had issues transitioning off of the little potty ... and I am SO sick of cleaning that thing out.

  • Ivana
    Sep 09

    We have a little step stool in front of the potty as well as the sink, that seems to help. Also the baby bjorn toilet seat fastens super securely so I’d recommend that even if he tried to climb or wiggle that thing will stay in place at least