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Still wanting to hear more experiences with tandem breastfeeding ♥️

  • Katie
    Dec 01, 2018

    I breastfed my son until he was three. The hardest parts were during my pregnancy. I had to drink smoothies for breakfast for almost three months. My midwife's great advice was feed yourself first, youngest second and then the older child last. We did a lot of laying down breastfeeding when I was pregnant.

  • Zarryah
    Dec 02, 2018

    This is not what you asking but I just wanted to share. I stopped feeding my first child when she was six months because I went to work and I had my second child when she turn two and a half. When my son came my daughter wanted to start back breastfeeding! I didn't know what to do and neither did she! So I decided to pump for the Both of them and give them bottles